Welcome to Wine Institute California Wine Export Program


Wine Institute debuted its Eureka! showcase in early June 2022 at the Truman Brewery in Shoreditch, London. Over three days, more than 800 trade, media, and consumers attended the event. Wine Institute representatives from across the globe came to launch the inaugural program in preparation for bringing Eureka! to other markets around the world. More than 200 California wines were featured and presented to trade and media during the event, and many attendees commented on the remarkable quality and range of wines presented. The event also included a presentation from Master Sommelier Will Costello, who led a Virtual Vineyard wine seminar which featured innovative videos exploring the geology, geography, and climate of California’s winegrowing regions. This seminar was offered several times a day to trade, media, and consumers. Other areas of focus throughout the event included exploring the benefits of sustainable practices for soil, water, climate, and community. WI staff and presenters then connected these practices to specific wines through a self-pour tasting station. Creating these tangible connections to specific wines and wineries educates trade on key sustainability practices of California winegrowers, enhances the trade’s understanding of the wine, and incentives them to make purchases.

WI’s Eureka! initiative, though launched in London, will be a globally-oriented program funded through the Market Access Program and Agricultural Trade Program.  As it is rolled out in additional markets, WI expects the impact of this event to be significant in the medium to long term. The program will continue to elevate California on the world stage, where it continues to stand out as a leader in sustainable winegrowing within the international wine industry. California will be further highlighted as the premier option for sustainably produced wines, something that will only expand in relevance as climate change becomes increasingly impactful for wineries around the world. As consumers place more importance on sustainably produced wine in their purchase decisions as well, Wine Institute expects this initiative to translate to increased exports of California wine around the world.