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Europe Capstone Update, Jan. 2022


  • From January 22-29 we facilitated the immersion tour for 20+ Capstone educators from all over the world. After teaching 1200+ students (mostly on and off trade) across 9 countries in Europe, our European educators finally got the chance to soak up new knowledge from key speakers such as Elaine Chukan Brown, Kelli White, Karen McNeal, Randy Caporoso and many more. Feedback from the educators was overwhelming (‘best wine study tour ever”) and all schools are enthused to make Capstone the most advanced wine education system in the world.
  • Sweden Wine Hub’s Capstone California Trade Launch event- January 16, 2023. We hosted a California walk around tasting for 25 trade together with our new Capstone educator, Hans Larsson of the Wine Hub in Stockholm. The trade had the opportunity to taste 30 different California wines and learn all about Capstone California.
  • Denmark planned three new Capstone courses across the country in March, April and May.
  • Poland planned first level 3 course in March
  • Belgium planned one Capstone course for the Flemish Sommelier Association (VVS)