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Update on Hong Kong Producer Responsibility Scheme for Glass Beverage Containers 2023

The Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department (EPD) implemented the Producer Responsibility Scheme on Glass Beverage Containers (GPRS) on May 1, 2023. Upholding the “polluter pays” principle, the GPRS requires stakeholders to share the responsibility for the collection, recycling, treatment, and disposal of glass beverage container products. The Hong Kong government and consumer concerns with waste management have grown in recent years. Preference towards simple and environmentally friendly packaging will continue to be the growing trend. This scheme does not apply to foreign manufacturers, but it does impact local distributors (including manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers) handling glass beverage containers. In 2022, U.S. imports of juices, wine, and spirits (GATS) amounted for $70 million and decreased for 25 percent since 2021.

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