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Record High US Exports to Taiwan Confirm Potential in Premium Wine 2022

Taiwan is going through an unprecedented phase of high-end wine consumption growth, placing the United States as the second largest foreign supplier by value. Being the U.S. wine’s sixth largest valuable Asian market, Taiwan achieved its outsized impact for purchasing high-end U.S. wine. The unit price of the U.S. wine that Taiwan imported reached US$8.09 per liter in 2021. In 2021, Taiwan imported a record-high volume and value of wine, amounting to nearly 23 million liters and USD264 million. Among all foreign suppliers, the United States posted the most robust growth rate of thirty-two percent, hitting its record high of 1.8 million liters valued at USD27 million. Though the entire market by value plateaued for the first half of 2022, the United States maintained a steady growth at five percent.