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Chile Wine Production and Trade 2023

The wine production area in Chile spans from the Atacama to Araucania region, with vineyards scattered up and down the regions’ valleys. Chilean area planted for wine totaled 130,086 hectares in 2021. Area planted for wine is trending downward, primarily due to a reduction in area planted from the O’Higgins region. Land in the O’Higgins region has been shifting toward more profitable crops such as cherries and citrus. In 2022, Chilean wine production totaled 1.244 billion liters, a 7.39 percent decrease from 2021. Likewise, in 2022, Chilean wine export volume totaled 833.5 million liters, a 4.0 percent decrease from 2021. Domestic consumption reached 292 million liters and stocks increased 1.413 billion liters in 2022.

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