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Canada FAIRS Country Report Annual 2023

Canada intends to establish a regulatory framework for plastic packaging, covering minimum recycled content requirements, and rules for compostability, and the use of recyclability signs on packaging. Additionally, Canada intends to introduce regulatory requirements for advertising foods and beverages to children under the age of 13. For both initiatives, draft regulations are expended at the end of 2023, or in early 2024, with the opportunity for stakeholder engagement via public consultations. The federal government also announced the intent to add per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) to Canada’s list of toxic substances, and draft regulatory requirements over the next two years. In 2022, Canada published final regulations on front of package nutrition labeling (FOPNL), and a new regulatory framework for supplemented foods. The deadline for full compliance with FOPNL requirements is January 1, 2026.

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