Welcome to Wine Institute California Wine Export Program

$100,000 Investment Yields $30,000,000 in Sales

Each year Wine Institute funds retail promotions for California wines in key export markets around the world. The promotions take the form of POS materials, flier advertisements, online retail advertising, special displays, and similar activities that support the California wines available through each partner. These raise awareness of California wine availability, deliver key promotional messaging, reinforce loyalty among retail and importer partners, and boost sales.

In 2021, Wine Institute invested $100,000 in MAP funds in retail promotions with Denmark’s largest retail chain, Coop. The promotion, which included over a dozen California wines, resulted in total 2021 California wine sales of 270,000 cases (+35% over 2020), with a retail value of $30 million (+29% over 2020).

Total wine imports to Denmark in 2021 increased by 6.8%, totaling 209 million liters, according to Trade Data Monitor. Of this, California wine imports account for nearly 15 million liters, a strong increase of 28% from the year prior. Retail promotions, among other MAP-funded market development initiatives are helping to grow the Danish market for California wines.