Romania - Food and Agricultural Exports to Romania Reach a New Record 2022

Report Highlights:
In 2021, according to Romania’s National Institute of Statistics (NIS), Romania imported $182 million of U.S. food and agricultural products, up 2.7 percent compared to 2020. According to the U.S. Census Bureau's bulk, intermediate, and consumer-oriented (BICO), U.S. suppliers shipped $84 million of U.S. food and agricultural products to Romania in 2021. The latter export data tracks U.S. food and agricultural trade shipped directly to Romania, but there is considerable U.S. agricultural exports reaching Romania through Western European ports of entry, which is not captured by BICO. FAS Bucharest encourages USDA cooperators and other U.S. food and agricultural exporters and stakeholders to review different data sources when considering resource allocation and market development strategies for Romania to understand the true volumes and values of U.S. products consumed in Romania.

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