Japan 235th Food Safety Group (Sanitary/Phytosanitary/Food Safety) 2020


Report Highlights:
Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) announced revisions to Japan’s maximum residue levels for Oxazosulfyl, Cartap, Thiocyclam, Bensultap, Fenhexamid, Prohydrojasmon, Flometoquin, and Tildipirosin for various agricultural commodities. MHLW also proposes to designate Dipotassium L-tartrate, Metatartaric acid, and Calcium carbonate as approved food additives for grape wine. Interested U.S. parties are encouraged to submit their comments to PlantDivision@usda.gov by September 10, 2020. Japan will subsequently notify these proposed revisions to the World Trade
Organization, which will provide another opportunity to comment.

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