Pakistan - The Retail Food Sector 2011


Report Highlights: The traditional food retail sector (small neighborhood stores, street vendors, “mom & pop” stores, etc.) comprise about 95% of all food retail stores in Pakistan while the modern retail sector (hypermarkets, supermarkets, discount stores, etc.) make up the remaining 5%. Over the past few years international retailers have taken advantage of the growing opportunities in this market. Well-known European retail giants Makro, Metro, and Carrefour (Hyperstar) have opened stores in all major Pakistani metropolitan cities. The port city of Karachi alone has at least five large retail stores that serve more than 19 million people. With a growing middle-income class (estimated at about 25% of the total population), increasing urbanization, increasing popularity of international food products, and a growing number of international restaurants and fast food chains, Pakistan is emerging as an expanding market for U.S. high-value agricultural products. The overall food retail and wholesale business accounts for 17% of Pakistan‟s GDP. (Pakistan Economic Survey 2009/10)

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