Philippines-Wine Market Brief 2009


Report Highlights:
The emerging Philippine wine market continues to expand, with total imports of wine valued at $15.6 million and a volume of 14 million liters in 2008. This represents a 100 percent increase over sales in 2002 and a 200 percent increase over 1998. The U.S. overtook France in 2000 as the largest exporter of wines to the Philippines and still holds that title today. Valued at $5.4 million in 2008, U.S. wine exports to the Philippines marked a significant 25 percent increase over the previous year, with volumes accounting for 4.6 million liters.

Marketers report that wines selling for less than $6.00 to $7.00 (based on retail pricing) account for most sales, although demand for premium products is on the rise as consumers have become more familiar with fine wines. Traders predict continued double-digit annual growth in the near-term, fueled by growing consumer interest and awareness, perceived health benefits of red wine, expansion in number of wines in the market, and stepped up promotions.

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