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Overview of the German Wine Sector 2022-2023

Germany is the fourth largest wine producer in the European Union after France, Italy, and Spain. German wine production from the 2022 harvest for marketing in CY 2023 is estimated at 9.4 million hectoliters, 9.8 percent higher than the previous year. Despite its high domestic production, Germany is the world’s largest importer of wine, on a volume basis. On a value basis, Germany ranks third after the United States and the United Kingdom. In 2021, Germany imported 1.48 billion liters of wine at a value of 3.4 billion USD, a year-on-year increase of 2.1 and 12.2 percent respectively. Imports from the United States decreased by 23 percent in volume and seven percent in value and amounted to 36.9 million liters at a value of 93 million USD. By volume, Germany was the third largest destination for U.S. wine exports after the UK and Canada.

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