South Africa - Food Processing Ingredients 2020

South Africa

Report Highlights: South Africa with its well-developed business market, serves at a gate way to Sub-Saharan African markets. Despite its economic challenges, the country continues to offer windows of opportunities for imports. In 2019, U.S. exports of processed food products to South Africa totaled $111 million, a decrease of 0.75 percent from $112 million in 2018. Leading exports products to South Africa were other processed food, ingredients & beverage bases, distilled spirits, other prepared preserved meats, table condiments (exc. ketchup), lactose & lactose syrups, mixes of nuts & fruit, protein concentrates, dog and cat food, vegetable oils (excl. soybean), baking inputs, and mixes and doughs (excl. pudding). In the same year, U.S. imports of processed foods products from South Africa totaled $125 million. Leading imports categories included wine, dried fruit, juices, spices, ice cream, canned vegetables and pulses, canned fruit, dry beverages (coffee, tea, herbal), distilled spirits, and sugar confectionery.

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