Canada - City Scope Report on Toronto Market 2016


Report Highlights: Toronto is located in the province of Ontario and is Canada’s most populous city at 2.6 million. The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has an estimated population of 6.1 million, accounting for 16% of the national population and making up North America’s fifth-largest urban area. Its population is expected to increase to 9.1 million by 2036. The GTA consists of a land area of 7,000 sq. km/2,700 sq. miles and encompasses the City of Toronto and 25 other municipalities as well as 4 regions that have a high degree of integration with the City of Toronto as measured by commuting flows. This report contains more information on the market as well as opportunities for U.S. exporters.

City Scope Report on Toronto Market_Ottawa_Canada_4-19-2016.pdf1.82 MB