Poland Food Service – Hotel Restaurant Institutional Sector 2016


Report Highlights: Poland’s Hotel, Restaurant and Institution (HRI) market was worth nearly U.S. $6 billion in 2014. The number of catering establishments (permanent and seasonal) in Poland in 2014 is estimated at over 65,500, of which 35 percent were bars, 33 percent catering outlets, 26 percent restaurants and 6 percent cafeterias. International chains have a very strong position in the quick service segment. A strategic location in the middle of Europe and growing investments in the HRI sector make Poland an ideal host for business conferences, banquets, trade shows and other business and culture events. In 2014 2,459 hotels operated in Poland; offering accommodations in 122,000 rooms. Products from the U.S. that have good sales potential within the HRI Sector include: nuts, wine and distilled spirits, fish and seafood products, dry fruit as well as ingredients with innovative characteristics.

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