Israel - Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards 2014


Report Highlights: In the current report the following updates are reflected in the sections included: 
Section I. General Food Laws - The Government of Israel (GOI) approved measures to allow the opening up of the food import market to parallel imports. The reform will enter into force on January, 2015 and includes dry goods such as pasta, breakfast cereals, cookies, crackers, snacks, rice, and beans. 

Section V. Pesticides and Other Contaminants - Levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in foods, which will enter into force on 1/1/2015. 

Section VII. Other Specific Standards - In October, 2013 new draft regulations announced by Israel's Ministry of Health concerns biotech foods "Public Health Regulations (Food) (Novel foods) 5773 - 2013" (G/TBT/N/ISR/710) were notified to the WTO for comments by other members. 

Section IX. Import Procedure - New regulations limiting the advertising and marketing of alcoholic drinks. 

Section IX. Import Procedure - Revision of the Mandatory Standard SI 284 dealing with Cow's milk. 

Section IX. Import Procedure - Required documents for the shipment of milling wheat 

Section IX. Import Procedure - Revision of the Mandatory Standard SI 1208 to be replaced with SI 7301, Rice. This draft standard revision adopts the International Standard ISO 7301 - Third edition and therefore is significantly different from the old version 

Section IX. Import Procedure - In January, 2014 the Israeli Ministry of Health announced a law restricting the advertisement and marketing of tobacco products.

Section IX. Import Procedure - In September, 2014, Israel published new phytosanitary import requirements for U.S. apples and pears.

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