Saudi Arabia Exporter Guide 2014

Saudi Arabia

Report Highlights: U.S. food and agricultural product exports to Saudi Arabia reached a record-high level of $1.425 billion in FY 2014, an increase of 24 percent over the previous year. In January 2014, Saudi Arabia implemented new requirements for a mandatory pre-registration and electronic customs clearance for all imported food and feed products. Recently, Saudi food regulatory authorities have begun a stricter enforcement of food import regulations and procedures, particularly those related to labeling requirements and the maximum allowable limits for food additives, which they have been lenient in enforcing in past years. Food packages which contain logos that may imply religious connotation, such as the trade symbols for Kosher food, have been rejected. This Exporter Guide updates the Saudi regulations and customs clearance procedures for importing food products and highlights issues that U.S. exporters must be aware of when exporting food products to the Saudi market.

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