Bulgaria Wine Market Update 2013


Report Highlights: The 2012 grape production is estimated lower due to harsh winter and related losses; however, quality is reported as very good. Wine production is estimated down modestly but still exceeding 2011 output. Exports are expected to be stable at 54 million liters, roughly 40 percent of total production, with one third destined for the Russian market. Although domestic consumption appears to have stagnated due in part to economic challenges, markets report steady growth in wine sales, both in volume and in value. The 2012 wine imports continued to expand with 21 percent growth in volume, to 6.04 million liters, and 14 percent growth in value, to 12.7 million USD (January-October). Market leaders remain Italian, French and Spanish wines. For the full year, 2012 wine imports are expected to exceed 2011 levels.

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